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Product description
Arctic Container Vessels, LOA: 74.2m, 2017, Ref C3755
[Arctic Container Vessels, LOA: 74.2m, 2017]
Euro 16,000,000

Arctic Container Vessels, LOA: 74.2m, 2017, Ref C3755

Two Arctic Container Vessels

DATE LAUNCHED: One vessel is after successfully completed sea trials ready for delivery within 6 weeks after signing of contract second one to be ready within 12 weeks after signing of contract.
LENGTH: 74.2m (245ft 5in)
BEAM: 15.2m (49ft 10in)
DRAFT: 4m (13ft)

PRICE: EUR 16 million per vessel

General Description:
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I. Class notation:
+1A1 / General Cargo Carrier / CONTAINER / PC6 / E0 / TMON / NAUT-AW/ DG-P / BIS / CLEAN / BWM-T / DAT (-35 deg. C)

Translation of notation:
+ 1A1
The ship is built under the supervision of DNV with machinery and equipment found to be in compliance with the rules and requirements.

General Cargo/container carrier
The ship is built for ”lift on/lift off” of cargo in accordance with DNV's relevant rules for such vessels. Furthermore, the ship is equipped and designed for transportation of containers in the hold and on deck.

Periodically unattended machinery space.

The vessel built according to DNV regulations for sailing in ice, PC6 - Summer/autumn operation in medium first-year ice which may
include old ice inclusions.
The vessels hull built according to DNV Ice Class PC5 - Year-round operation in medium first-year ice which may include old ice inclusions

Extended requirements for one-man workstation, grounding avoidance system and auto-mation level.

The ship is arranged for carrying dangerous goods in packaged form in partly or fully closed cargo holds. Relevant cargo specified in "Appendix to the classification certificate".

Tailshaft monitoring

Built for in water survey.

Requirements for controlling and limiting operational emissions and discharges.

Ballast water management - treatment.

DAT (-35°C)
Design ambient temp.


Dynamic positioning system without redundancy.
The vessels, shall not be delivered with DNV class approval for notation DPS 0 – but meet all and same demands for DPS 0 DNV class notification. Hence, all Machinery, equipment, materials and performance, shall be according to DPS0 class demands, installed, tested, commissioned, and delivered accordingly.

Main Particulars

LOA: 74.2m

Length BPP: 70.01m

Breadth moulded: 15.2m

Depth to main deck: 8.4m

Design Draught: 4m

Scantling Draught: 6m

Speed: 12.5 knots

Deadweight: 2890t

Lightship: 2088.9t

Complement: 16 persons crew + 12 day passengers

III Endurance

The capacity of all necessary stores and bunkers shall be sufficient to keep the ship at sea for a minimum of 27 days, and with 2 days spare.
Range at service speed shall be minimum 7,700 nautical miles at service speed (12,5kn)

The calculation is based on: 90% MCR main engine
at service speed of 12.5 knots Shaft generator connected 300 m3 gas oil

2 days spare

Store of fresh water for at least 12 days for the basic crew, based on consumption of 200 l/d/person.

V. Tank Capacities

Fuel Oil: 324m3

Freshwater: 37m3

Water Ballast: 1289m3

Lubricating Oil: 14m3

Miscellaneous Oil: 30m3

Miscellaneous Water: 54m3

VI. Propulsion

Main Diesel Engine: 1 x 2040 kW (800 RPM), MAN Diesel&Turbo 6L27/38 MDO,
Fuel Type: MDO

Fuel Consumption:

10t/24h (load 90%, with leak consider), continuous operation, at:
Design draught: 4m
Service speed: 12,5kn
Clean underwater hull
Deep, wide, calm and streamless water Water temperature +15 deg. C

Spec. gravity of water 1.025 kg/dm3

Wind force Beaufort 0

Shaft line with propeller: 1 x CPP, ø2,6 m , MAN Diesel&Turbo VBS 940 Mk 5,
Bow Thruster: 1 x 400 kW, Scana Volda CPT 1.25
Stern thruster: 1 x 300 kW, Scana Volda CPT 1.0

VII. Generating sets

Main: 2 x 480 kW, Scania Nordhavn Genset GASI 16-05,
Emergency/harbour: 1 x 217 kW, Scania Nordhavn Genset GASI 09-07,

VIII. Main Machinery

Shaft Generator: MAN Diesel & Turbo, SE 400 LL4

Anchor Mooring Winches: Hatlapa, E-Comb.-SD, 40mm K3/80kN

Mooring winches: Hatlapa, 2 single mooring winches 80 (M1, M2)
Deck cargo cranes: Liebherr, CBW 45/18.6 ST, CBW 25/19.8

Thermal oil heater: Alfa-Laval, Heater H4-TFO-010, Oil Burner Weishaupt L7Z
Steering gear: Rolls Royce SR642 FCP
Cargo hatches: TTS Marine GmbH, Hatch cover nr 1 – 1285-01, Hatch cover nr 2 – 1286-01

Stores/Man-riding crane: Global Davit GmbH Bes.M.T.12/1.8-4.5

Basket for wheelchair: Global Davit GmbH 1950x990, SWL 3kN

Crane for MOB boat & liferaft: Global Davit GmbH RhS.L.S. 18(29)/4.5- 20/2.9
MOB work boat (rescue boat): Hatecke RB600S
Compressors: Sauer&Son, starting air WP33L, service air SC15
Ballast water management: MMC Green Tech. AS, MMC BWMS 300 m3/h

Fresh water treatment hydrophore plant: DOE Sp. z o.o. F02 DODO 300

Reverse osmosis: Parker Sear Recovery, Java Sea 8 m3 Digital RO System (A500-R723)
Oily bilge water separator: Alfa-Laval, PureBilge 2505, Separator BWPX 307 TGD-71

Switchboards: Remontowa Electric Solutions
Transformers: Elhand, ET35M-160, emergency ET35M-63

UPS: Eltek, Navigation LIPL20142A.003, Automation LIPL20338.401, LIPL20338.402

HVAC: Novenco

IX. Ship common systems

Optimal Dynamic Trim (ODT): SAJ Ship Dynamics

Dynamic measuring system (DMS): SAJ Ship Dynamics

CCTV: Wiska

Electronic code lock: Garda/Skalmex

Anti-heeling system: Iron pump automatically operated

Integrated ship control system (ISPS): Lyngsoe

Reefer container monitoring system: Emerson Climate – implemented system of temperature control for reefer containers, that can be carried both inside of cargo holds and on hatch covers
Fire detection system: Elecom Mastertech
Automatic remote sounding system: Emerson

Radionavigation: SAM Electronic/Lyngsoe

Internal communication: Lyngsoe
Central clock system: SAM Electronic/Lyngsoe

V-SAT system: Furuno

Dynamic positioning system: Lyngsoe

Computer network: Alphatron Marine

X. ISCS - Integrated ship control system

Integrated Ship Control (ISCS) handle all processes in the underlying systems.

• A maneuvering system for the propulsion machinery. To secure automatic distribution of loads and overload protection. (May be integrated in the ISCS).

• Power Management System (PMS) with interface to ISCS.

• Maintenance System for planning of maintenance (hour meters connected).

• Failure detection system with remote diagnosis of failures with registration in PMS and underlying systems.

• TV monitoring with interface to ISCS.

• Data logging for monitoring and use in a “Black Box”.

• Electronic control of access.

• Paging system.

• Automatic logging of machine and maneuvering data.

• Other systems

XI. Accommodation

Crew: 15no of berths in 1-man cabins

Day passengers: 12 pers. (Passenger Mess/Recreation room + Luggage compartment)

Galley: furnished with Bohnhoff equipment

Dry provision room: furnished with Bohnhoff equipment

Cold Provision room: furnished with Bohnhoff equipment

Laundry: furnished with Bohnhoff equipment

Linen store
Crew mess
Duty mess Treatment room Ship’s office
Crew Change room equipped with heated and ventilated lockers

Accommodation equipment of Famos Ship Furniture Factory

XII. Electrial common system

Common standard voltage systems:
400 Volts, 3-phase 50 Hz, AC
230 Volts, 3-phase or 1-phase, 50 Hz, AC 24 Volts DC

XIII. Miscellaneous

• Ballast and bilge system piping outside ER made of GRE, inside ER - CuNiFe.

• Thermal oil system

• Heating system

• Cargo Handling Area - The forward cargo hold area is designed as a Cargo Handling Area with two tweendecks (deck A & B) installed, and located in the same vertical height as bottom of 9`6 containers (T84 & T86). This for enabling forklift and other cargo handling equipment enter into the containers, when stowed in front of the handling area in T84 & T86. Tanktop (deck C) also is intended to be used for the same purpose. All tweendecks (A,B,C) equipped with hatches enabling cargo handling independently from the main cargo hold hatches. Tweendecs with total hight/thickness of apx. one feet, enabling 20 feet (8`6) to be stowed under the closed tweendeck. Cargo cranes are able to deliver and extract pallet cages with apx. 8 pallets, to and from tanktop and tweendecks in this handling area. Flooring protected with special anti- skid coating. The deck from frame 84 and fore enabled for operation with two axle 4 wheel forklifts.

• Green Passport - inventory of hazardous materials prepared for obtaining certificate
• Hempel coating system – PSPC (in Ballast tanks) – open decks areas GALVOSIL
• Bunkering station PS & SB
• Fully equipped workshop with hoisting devices
• Fully integrated bridge – Nacos Platinum
• Gangway access control system – camera with motion detection, integrated with alarm system

XIV. Design:

REMONTOWA Marine Design & Consulting Sp. z o.o. (previously Naval Engineering & Design NED Ltd.)

For sale. Far east
Price 16m Euro, negotiable

Please advice interest.
Inspection can be arranged
Ref C3755

Regards Keith
UK office 0044(0)1342 459089
Mobile 0044(0)7885775317
Skype yachtsglobal

Year: 2017
Vessel Location: Far East
Telephone: 0044(0)1342 459089
Mobile: 00(0)44(0)7885775317
E-mail Seller: Click here

For more information on this Vessel, please visit webpage.
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