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Product description
Floating Hotel, 180 berth cabins/ensuite, Ref C4130
[Floating Hotel, 180 single berth cabins/ ensuite]
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Floating Hotel, 180 berth cabins/ensuite,, Ref C4130

The vessel has 180 single berth cabins with ensuite toilets and showers. We have sizeable recreation rooms, kitchen and restaurant. The rooms would be able to have bunk beds fitted to double the capacity easily.

The vessel needs about 3m of water at LAT and the dimensions are that of a normal North Sea barge.


The following specification describes generally the arrangement, equipment and facilities on the “Bibby Bergen”.

While every effort has been made to ensure that all the information is correct it is without guarantee.

1.1 Outline arrangement

The accommodation, which is on two floors, is fitted on top of a flat top barge. The central section is mainly for communal services with some accommodation on the first floor. There are four blocks of accommodation, two forward and two aft, adjacent to the central section

1.2 Principal dimensions and capacities

Length overall: 99.98 metres
Breadth moulded: 25.68 metres
Depth moulded: 7.50 metres
Operating draft Up to 4 metres
Corresponding air draft 12.5 metres
Sewage tank 20 tonnes
Gross tonnage 7828
Net tonnage 2348

1.3 Classification, rules and regulations

The barge is classed by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping as +100A – Pontoon.

The accommodation has been built to the following Norwegian Regulations:
1. Norwegian Technical Regulations under the Planning and Building Act 1997 – Melding HO – 1/98 ISSN 0802 – 9598 dated 15th January 1998.
3. Norwegian Building Research Institute (NBI) Technical Approval No. 2220.
4. Norwegian Building and Fire Regulations 1987 plus all subsequent amendments and additions in force or coming into force at the time of completion of construction i.e August 2000.
5. NKS Sanitary Standard

Sewage high level alarm

1 Store Approximately 9.1m2

1 Technical room (Owner) Approximately 9.0m2

2 Toilets

6 Changing rooms Each approximately 18.5 m2
Each containing:
Washing trough
5 single handle mixer soap dispensers
Wardrobe shelves with benches

2 Laundries Each approximately 8.8 m2
Each containing:
2 washing machines
2 dryers
Work surfaces.
Stainless steel sink with
single handle mixer tap

3 Dining rooms 2 approximately 44.6m2 each and 1 approximately 69.2m2.
A total of 116 wood chairs
A total of 23 tables
A total of 8 electric radiators.

1 Cold Storage Chamber Approximately 15.5m2

1 Dry store Approximately 21.8m2

1 Kitchen Approximately 46.0m2
Serving table with doors
Wall shelf
Stainless steel table
Trolley with racks cup and glass
Stainless steel dishwashing table
Stainless steel shelf
2 trash cans
Stainless steel sink
Stainless steel prewash sink
Prewash shower
Dish washing machine

4 Toilets Adjacent to the large dining room

1 Cleaning locker Adjacent to toilet

Servery Approximately 21.5m2 Containing:
2 Refrigerators
Bain Marie
Cold water dispenser
2 Coffee dispensers
2 electric radiators

Central Section – First Floor

This area is accessed via stairs up from the ground floor. Within this area the following rooms are contained.

14 Sleeping rooms Each sleeping room contains:
1 Single Bed
1 Wardrobes
1 desk including desk cabinet
1 desk chair
1 armchair
Electric radiator
Double continental two pin electric outlet socket
T.V aerial socket
En suite toilet facilities comprising of:
Wash basin with single mixer tap
Gravity flushing W.C
Toilet cabinet with mirror and shaver point
Shower with single handle mixer valve
Wall exhaust fan
Carpet tiles fitted in each cabin

Hall Approximately 26.2m2

2 Stores Approximately 9.1m2 each

Technical locker (Owner)

3 Cleaning lockers

2 Toilets Adjacent to the hall

Heating of the unit is provided by use of electric radiators, these range from 800 W units up to 1000 W units.

Ventilation of the unit is natural and provided by the windows except the room en – suite facilities which have forced extraction.

3.2 Sewage System

A sewage collecting, holding and transfer system is installed and connected to all toilets, wash basins, sinks, scuppers etc. Black and grey water is led to a 20 tonne sewage holding tank.

The sewage system is equipped for discharge to shore directly from the sewage tank by one or the other of the two Flygt submersible pumps contained in the tank.

The submersible pumps are interchangeable by opening and closing valves.

When the sewage reaches the high level, approximately three quarters full, the pump in active service is operated by a float level switch in the tank which pumps the sewage ashore until the low level float switch is reached when the pump stops.
If for any reason the pump fails to start there is a “higher” level float switch, which if activated, closes a solenoid valve shutting off all fresh water to the unit. An alarm also sounds in the reception office.

3.3 Fire Detection & Alarm System

All accommodation spaces are covered with smoke detectors.

The kitchen area is covered with fixed heat detectors.

Manual fire alarm push buttons are located in the stairwells and adjacent to all external doors.

Alarm buzzers are located in all bedrooms, public spaces and corridors.

3.4 Public Address System

A public address system is installed located in the reception room with speakers in the corridors and public rooms.

3.5 Fresh Water System

Fresh water is supplied directly from ashore into the pipe mains. There is a solenoid operated valve at the barge side

5.1 Arrangement of Machinery Room

Because there is no machinery installed onboard there is no machinery room. There is a technical room inboard of the reception which houses the shore breaker and other main breakers

5.2 Power Plant

Not applicable
5.3 Power

400 v, 3 ph and neutral, 50 Hz. A phase and neutral is used to provide 230 v for domestic use.

5.4 Piping Systems

There are basically two piping systems. Fresh water and sewage.

The fresh water comes directly from ashore into the piping systems using the shore pressure. There is no holding tank. Fresh water is used for washing, cooking, fire fighting and toilet flushing.

All black and grey water lines go to the sewage tank within the hull from where it is pumped via a shore connection to a sewer main ashore.

5.5 Shore Service Connections

All shore connections are at barge deck level.


Located at the right hand side at the entrance access

400 v, 3 ph, 50 Hz., Cable clamps.

Fresh water
Located between the central section and the forward leg of accommodation, starboard.

Flange connection. O.D. 165 mm, I.D. 50 mm, P.C.D. 125 mm, 8 x 17 mm holes.
2.1 Outline

Sleeping accommodation in the form of 180 rooms is arranged on the barge deck and the first floor. There is a central section with two “legs” of accommodation forward and two “legs” of accommodation aft.

2.2 Accommodation description

The accommodation is of modular construction, manufactured by Moelven Hako AS of Norway. Each module is constructed to meet the previously mentioned Norwegian Rules and Regulations.

4 Accommodation Blocks

There are 4 off “legs” of accommodation, each leg being on two floors with an internal staircase at one end and an emergency external staircase at the opposite end. Each leg contains 42 sleeping rooms (21 at each level)
Each sleeping room contains:
1 Single Bed
1 wardrobes
1 desk including desk cabinet
1 desk chair
1 armchair (Blue leather)
Electric radiator
Double continental two pin electric outlet socket.
T.V. aerial socket
En Suite toilet facilities comprising of:
Washbasin with single mixer tap
Gravity flushing W.C
Toilet cabinet with mirror and shaver point
Shower with single handle mixer valve
Wall exhaust fan.
Carpet tiles fitted in each cabin

Central Section – Ground Floor

The central section forms the main entrance onto the unit and contains:

Reception area from the gangway entrance Approximately 45.5 m2

Reception office Approximately 9.1 m2
Fire detection panel
P.A. system

Stainless steel table 1600mm
Cabinet wash equipment
Shelf-rack, flatware and utensils
Shelf-rack, gastronome pans and kettle
Vegetable preparation machine
Stainless steel table 1300mm
Stainless steel table with sinks 220mm
Stainless steel table wall-shelt 220mm
Potato peeler with pedestal
Stainless steel sink
2 serving trolleys
Stainless steel table with drawers
Stainless steel shelf 2600mm
Stainless steel table
Combi-steamer with pedestal
Frying pan
Stainless steel table 400mm x 800mm
Two handle blender, counter mounted
Cooking table 800 x 900mm
Stainless steel table 400mm x 800mm
Stainless steel table adjustable 1700mm
Mixer with pedestal
Stainless steel table low 1300mm
Bread counter slicer
Stainless steel table 1800mm
Stainless steel table low 600mm
Slicing machine
Stainless steel table with sink 1600mm
Wall cabinet
Cold store elements
Cooling machine split
Shelf rack aluminium
Trolleys for gastronome containers
Walk-in freezer
Freezing machines compact
Shelf-rack aluminium
Stainless steel platform trolley
Shelf rack aluminium
Water heater
Convection Oven (10 tier)
Convection Oven (6 tier)
Dishwasher tunnel style
Stainless steel table for dishwasher
Mobile Bain Marie

4 Sitting rooms 2 at approximately 44.6m2 each and 2 at approximately 69.2m2 each containing:
20no 2 seater cream leather sofa
16 no sofa cream leather chairs
24no coffee tables
A total of 13 electric radiators
Double electrical output sockets
4 extractor fans
Flotex carperts fitted in each room (red in colour)

4 Toilets Adjacent to the sitting rooms

1 Office Approximately 21.8m2 containing an electric radiator.

2.3 Accommodation Construction

The accommodation block is a fabricated superstructure with a total of 2 decks. Modules are locked together by means of shear plates and bulldog plates. Sea fastenings and tie-bars are installed to allow for the unit to be moved using the following criteria.
A significant wave height of 2.5 m forms the basis for the load calculations. This implies an operational criteria of 1.5m.

Structure All materials and construction are to the relevant Norwegian Rules and Regulations as previously mentioned.

Windows Wooden framed, double glazed, centrally horizontally hinged.

Doors All doors are either B30 or A60 as appropriate.


3.1 Ventilation and Heating

Hot water is provided by electrical water boilers in each en-suite bathroom and other required locations..
3.6 Telephone System

Not fitted.

3.7 Internet

The vessel is fitted with wifi throughout. All receiving equipment is installed,
charterer will only have to supply the air time.


4.1 Mooring Equipment

Because the seafastenings for the accommodation go out to the barge side the double mooring bitts are concentrated at the forward and aft ends of the unit with eyeplates welded at strategic points along the starboard side at the deck edge.

4.2 Towing Arrangements

A Lloyd’s Register approved towing bridle terminating at a “delta” plate is fitted at the forward end with the legs terminating on the barge at “smitt” type towing brackets.

A Lloyd’s Register approved emergency towing wire is fitted to a “Smitt” type bracket on the centreline forward. This runs to the port side of the barge and down the port side in clips at the deck edge allowing the wire to be pulled free in an emergency.

4.3 Life Saving Equipment

Non fitted.

4.4 Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire hydrants and hoses are fitted throughout the accommodation as required by the Norwegian Rules and Regulations.

4.5 Gangways

Provision is made for the connection of 1 gangway for the main entrance and one forward and one aft for emergency use.


Located between the central section and the forward leg of accommodation, starboard.

Flange connection. O.D. 220 mm, I.D. 100 mm, P.C.D. 180 mm, 8 x 17 holes.

Ref C4130

Price, Charter ONLY

Regards Mr. Keith
UK office 0044(0)1342 459089
Mobile 0044(0) 7885775317
Skype yachtsglobal

Vessel Location: Europe
Telephone: 0044(0)1342 459089
Mobile: 0044(0)7885775317
E-mail Seller: Click here

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