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Rowan LeTourneau Technologies 240-C Class Jack-up, Ref C4112
[Rowan LeTourneau 240-C Class Jack-up,]
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Rowan LeTourneau Technologies 240-C Class Jack-up, Ref C4112

Maximum Water Depth 375 ft
Leg Length
491 ft
Hook Load 2,500,000 lbs
Hull Length
228 ft
Mud System Maximum Pressure 7,500 psi
Hull Width
220 ft
Cantilever Skid Out 80 Ft. Aft of Transom
Hull Depth
26 ft
Substructure Travel 15 Ft. to Port or Starboard
Gear Unit Height
30 ft
Quarters Accommodation 108 Persons
Maximum Drilling Depth
35,000 ft
Heliport - can accommodate: Sikorski S-61N or S-92
Longitudinal Leg Centers
129 ft
Year In Service 2008
Transverse Leg Centers
Life Enhancement -

Maximum Drilling Payload 9,670,000 lbs
Hook Load 2,500,000 lbs
Rotary Load 2,500,000 lbs
Setback load 1,000,000 lbs
Liquid Mud 4,500 bbls
Sand Traps 506 bbls
Pipe Storage (main) 2,400 Sq. Ft. x 7 Ft. High
Pipe Storage (cantilever) 2,352 Sq. Ft. x 7 Ft. High
Covered Sack Storage 1,600 sq ft
Bulk Cement 6,910 cu ft
Bulk Barite 6,910 cu ft
Potable Water 1,724 bbls
Drill Water 10,431 bbls (incl. combo tanks)
Diesel Fuel 5,141 bbls
Base Oil 529

Derrick Loadmaster Model 2500 KIP, 36’ x 36’ Base, 175’ High, 2,500,00 Lbs. on 16 Lines
Top Drive / Power Swivel Lewco LL-DDTD- 750V2 , OEM 1,500 HP AC Motor - Output Torque 72,000 Ft. Lbs.
Traveling Block Lewco Model LBLK-1250, 2,500,000 Lbs
Crown Block Loadmaster, Capacity: 2,500,000 Lbs
Drawworks Lewco Model 4500 Driven by 2 x 1,500 HP AC Motors
Auxiliary Brake Baylor 15050W & Eaton Airflex 2 x 248
Drill Line 2"
Rotary Lewco Model D495 Driven by 1 x OEM 1,150 HP AC Motor
Prime Movers 6 x Cat 3516 TAC Driving 1 x Kato 1525 KW Gen
Emergency Generator 1 x Cat 3516 TAC Driving 1 x Kato 1525 KW Gen
Cementing Equipment BJ 40-75-2 Electric Unit 15000 PSI WP Driven by 2-525hp Variable speed AC motors
Torque Wrench / Spinner Varco IR30120 Iron Roughneck
Cranes 3 x LeTourneau PCM-220 SS Pedestal Cranes

Mud Pumps 3 x Lewco W3000, Triplex 3,000 HP Driven by 2 x OEM 1,500 HP AC Motors
Mud Pits 4,005 BBLS Total Active Pits (6 Mud Pits + 2 Slugging Pits)
Mud Mixing Pumps 2 x Derrick Premium 250 Driven by 125 HP AC Motors
Shale Shakers Five Brandt King Cobra II
Desanders 3 x 12" Cones
Desilters 24 x 4" Cones
Degasser One Brandt DG-12 w/ JP12 Jet Pump Eductor with dual vacuum pumps, 1,200 GPM
Mud Processing Pumps 2 x Derrick Premium 250 Driven by 125 HP AC Motors Pumps
Maximum Pressure 7,500 psi

Mr Keith Joseph
UK Office 0044(0)1342 459089
Mobile 0044 7885775317

Vessel Location: Usa
Telephone: 0044(0)1342 459089
Mobile: 0044(0) 7885775317
E-mail Seller: Click here

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