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Product description
Tug Supply 6600hp Anchor Handling 2008,Ref C3933
[Supply vessel 6600hp]
Usd 5,500,000

Tug Supply 6600hp Anchor Handling 2008,Ref C3933

6600hp Anchor Handling Tug Supply
Length of overall: 68.00M
Length of B.P.: 59.50 M
Breadth: 14.80M
Depth: 6.80M
Draft maximum design: 5.60M
Scantling draft: 5.78M
Class:★CSA, ★CSM, Offshore Tug/Supply Ship Ice class B
Unrestricted navigation
DWT: 1906.00tons
Gross ton: 2076
Net ton: 623
Heavy oil tank: 256.10tons
Diesel oil tank: 306.40tons
Fresh water tank: 487.00tons
Ballast water tank: 730.10tons
Endurance: 3000miles
Complement: 29persons and pilot
Speed: 13.5knots(trails)
Clear deck area:320.00 ㎡
Deck cargo: 753tons
Deck loading: 5T/㎡
Bow/stern propeller: CP110*2set
Diameter of propeller: 1100mm
Style: adjustable pitch propeller
Blade quantity: 4pieces
Input rotated speed: 1450rpm
Propeller rotated speed: 456rpm
Output: 315KW
Thrust: 46KN
Bow propeller: CP130*1set
Diameter of propeller: 1300mm
Style: adjustable pitch propeller
Blade quantity: 4pieces
Input rotated speed: 1450rpm
Propeller rotated speed: 384rpm
Output: 400KW
Thrust: 60KN
Gear box: GWC52.59*2units (CCS certificate)
Reduction ratio:2.9643:1
Main engine model: G8320ZCD-8
CCS certificate achieved
NOX certificate achieved
Main engine output: 2427KW*2
Rated rotate speed: 525r/min
Fuel consumption: 189g/kw.hour
Lube oil consumption:1.2g/kw.hour
Main generator set: CCFJ-45JCM*3units (CCS certificate)
Auxiliary engine: KTA38-DM (CCS certificate, NOX, protect under IP44)
Rated output: 560KW
Rated rotated speed: 1500r/min
Fuel consumption: 196g/kw.hour
Lube oil consumption:1.4g/kw.hour
Generator(CCS certificate)
Rated output: 450KW
Rated rotate speed: 1500r/min
Rated voltage: 400V/50HZ
Emergence generator set at berth: CCFJ90JCM(CCS certificate)
Auxiliary engine: 6BTA5.9-GM100*1set(CCS certificate)
Rated output: 100KW
Rated rotated speed: 1500r/min
Fuel consumption: 217g/kw.hour
Lube oil consumption:1.4g/kw.hour
Generator*1set (CCS certificate)
Rated output: 90KW
Rated voltage: 400V/50HZ
Rated rotate speed: 1500r/min
Hot-water boiler for fuel oil (CCS certificate)
Model: LRS250-0.5
Designed pressure: 0.6Mp
Work pressure: 0.3Mp
Fuel oil segregating unit (CCS certificate)
Model: KYDH204SD-23
Type: automatism
Capacity: 2000L/hour
Lube oil segregating unit (CCS certificate)
Model: KYDH204SD-23
Type: automatism
Capacity: 550L/hour
Pump for firefighting cannon: SSCXB300-25 (CCS certificate)
Type: horizontal centrifugal pump
Discharge volume:1500m³/hour
Pump lift: 140M
Rotate speed: 1800r/min
Diesel engine drive FIFI pump
Model: KTA38-D (M)
Style: V style, 4 stroke and pressurized
Rated output: 768KW
Rated rotate speed: 1800rpm
Rated consumption: 196g/kw.hour
Water FIFI cannon
Model: SS200WEL
Rated volume:1200m³/hour
Water/foam FIFI cannon
Model: SS200WEL
Rated volume:1200m³/hour~300m³
Range: water≥120M foam≥80M
Lift: water≥60M foam≥30M
Central air-condition
Model: CJKR-116
Refrigerating output: 116KW
Calefaction output: 134KW
Air volume:10500m³/hour
Refrigerant: R404A
Emergency firefighting pump: 65CLZ-5.5
Type: vertical self-priming centrifugal pump
Discharge volume:35m³/hour
Pump lift: 50M
Rotate speed: 2900r/min
Bilge water-treatment plant
Model: ZYMF-1
Capacity: 1m³/hour
Sewage-treatment plant
Model: WCB30
Capacity: 2250L/day
Deck crane
Model: YQ1120-2-10 multipurpose crane
Safe work load: 5tons
Work range: 2.5-10M
Lifeboat crane: 2.0tons
Towing winch
Drum load:800KN/650KN
Steel wire rope diameter: 60mm
Rope capacity: 1000M
Salvage hook
Work load: 60~80tons*1unit
Hook for picking up steel wire rope
Work load: 80tons*1unit
Shark jaw
SWL: 4400KN*1unit
Anchor winch
Amount: 2sets
Work load: 86KN
Anchor diameter: 36mm AM3
Drum load: 75KN
Rope capacity: 60mm*200M
Bear load: 300KN
Model: Speke anchor 1920Kg
Amount: 3
Mooring facility
Horizontal hydraulic winch: 100KN*2sets
Bear load: 250KN
Hydraulic vertical capstan: 75KN*2sets
Steering earth induction compass: 1set
Earth induction compass: 1set
Gyrocompass: 1set
Course Gyrocompass: 1set
Direction Gyrocompass: 1set
Satellite navigation system
Long range radar: 1set
Short range radar: 1set
Echo meter
Electrical position system
VHF*1 set
Two way VHF*3sets
Radar responder*2sets

Ref C3933
Inspection can be arranged

Price 5.5m Usd

Regards Keith
UK office 0044(0)1342 459089
Mobile 0044(0) 7885775317
Skype yachtsglobal

Year: 2008
Vessel Location: China
Telephone: 0044(0)1342 459089
Mobile: 0044(0) 7885775317
E-mail Seller: Click here

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