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Product description
Floating hotel 553 persons to Charter, 2001, Ref C4919
[Floating hotel 553 persons to Charter]
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Floating hotel 553 persons to Charter, 2001, Ref C4919

Built 2001 by Neptun Industrie , Germany
Suitable accommodate 553 persons in four floors
Dims 94.10 x 30.07 m - depth 3.90 - draft 1.80 m
Bottom of keel to highest point 22.0 m
GT/NT 10311/3093
G.L. class
Fuel cap 238 cbm - sewage holding tank 7.5 m
138 cabins being 25 x 6, 19 x 5, 60 x 4 and 34 x 2 persons
Reception area, catering , galley, storage dry and refrigerated etc.
Fire detection and alarm system fitted
Generators 3 x Cummins each 200 kW - 380 V 50 Hz.

Suitable to be towed.


1.1Outline arrangement
1.2Principal dimensions and capacities
1.3Classification, rules and regulations

2.2Accommodation description and equipment
2.3Accommodation construction


3.1Ventilation and heating
3.2Sewage system
3.3Fire detection and alarm system
3.4Public address system
3.5Fresh water system
3.6Telephone system


4.1Mooring equipment
4.2Towing equipment
4.3Lifesaving equipment
4.4Fire fighting equipment


5.1Arrangement of machinery room
5.2Power plant
5.4Piping systems
5.5Shore services connections
Outline Specification

1. General

The following specification describes generally the arrangement, equipment and facilities on the floatel.
While every effort has been made to ensure that all the information is correct it is without guarantee.

1.1.Outline arrangement

The accommodation, which is four floors, is fitted on top of a flat top barge. The accommodation is divided into an `H` block with cabins and public spaces on each deck. There are two light well areas, one forward and one aft.

1.2.Principal dimensions and capacities

Length overall: including Accommodation 94.10m
Breadth including rubbing strakes 26.20m
Breadth overall including mooring collars 30.07m
Depth 3.90m
Bottom of keel to highest point 22.00m
Working draft 1.80m
Gross Tonnage 10,311
Net Tonnage 3,093

Fuel oil storage 238.00m3
Sewage holding tank 7.50m3

1.3.Classification, rules and regulations

The Barge is classed by Germanischer Lloyd + 100 A 51 Pontoon Inland trade A – MC1

The Accommodation has been built to the following:-
Swedish Building code for structural strength and passive Fire Protection.

Sleeping accommodation in the form of the following 138 cabins:

25 Rooms designed to accommodated 6 persons
19 Rooms designed to accommodated 5 persons
60 Rooms designed to accommodated 4 persons
34 Rooms designed to accommodated 2 persons

2.2The accommodation is of modular construction manufactured by Grizzly Shipping.

Bed / Living Accommodation

Electrical Radiators
Double continental two pin electric outlet sockets
T.V aerial sockets

Public Areas / Recreation Rooms

Reception Area

There are two main reception areas with access doors on the 2nd desk. One is located, amidships and one at the aft end.

Catering / House Keeping

The Galley is fitted with power and water points.
Associated dry & refrigerated storage facilities are provided.
Services and connections are supplied throughout the Coastel for the mini kitchens.
Space is allocated on the ground floor for a central laundry (Equipment not
Storage and linen lockers are provided throughout the Coastel.

2.3Accommodation Construction

The accommodation block is a fabricated superstructure with a total of 4 decks.

Structure: All material and construction are to the relevant Swedish Building
code as previously mentioned
Windows: Wooden framed, double glazed. Windows can both tilt of fully open into the room. They also have a ventilation grille.
Doors: Doors are either A60 or B30 fire rated as required by the
Swedish Building code.

3.Accommodation Systems

3.1Ventilation and Heating

All rooms, offices and public areas are electrically heated with 400 w heaters.

Mechanical exhaust ventilation is provided in all bathroom and toilet facilities throughout the Coastel.

3.2Sewage System

A sewage collecting, holding and transfer system is installed and connected to all toilets, wash basins, sinks, scuppers etc. Black and grey water is led to a 7.50 m3 sewage holding tank.

The sewage system is equipped for discharge to shore directly from the sewage tank by one or the other of the two submersible pumps contained in the tank.

The submersible pumps are interchangeable by opening and closing valves.

When the sewage reaches the high level, approximately three quarters full, the pump in active service is operated by a float level switch in the tank which pumps the sewage ashore until the low level float switch is reached when the pump stops.
If for any reason the pump fails to start there is a “Higher” level float switch, which if activated, closes a solenoid valve shutting off all fresh water to the unit. An alarm also sounds in the Bargemaster Accommodation.

3.3Fire Detection & Alarm System

All accommodation spaces are covered with smoke and heat detectors.

Manual fire alarm push buttons are located in the stairwells and adjacent to all external doors.

Alarm buzzers are located in all public spaces and corridors.

3.4Public Address System

A public address system is installed located in the reception room with speakers in the corridors and public rooms.

3.5Fresh Water System

Fresh water is supplied directly from ashore into the pipe mains. There is a solenoid operated valve at the barge side.

Hot water is provided throughout the barge, by the onboard boiler.

Not fitted.

4.Deck Equipment

4.1Mooring Equipment

Two Germanischer Lloyd class approved Steel mooring collars are fitted for connection to vertical steel piles in the sea bed.

4.2Towing Arrangements

A Germanischer Lloyd approved towing bridle terminating at a “delta” plate is fitted at the forward end with the legs terminating on the barge at “Smitt” type towing brackets.

A Germanischer Lloyd approved emergency towing wire is fitted to a “Smitt” type bracket on the centreline forward. This runs to the port side of the barge and down the port side in clips at the deck edge allowing the wire to be pulled free in an emergency.

4.3Life Saving Equipment

Life buoys are supplied at each gangway.

4.4Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire hydrants and hoses are fitted throughout the accommodation as required by the Swedish Building Regulations.


Provision are made for the connection of three gangways.

1 for the main entrance on Deck 2
2 for access entrances to deck 1. One forward, one aft.
5.Machinery System

5.1Arrangement of Machinery Room

The Coastel has its own machinery room which is built within the barge.
All generators, pumps and oil tanks are located in this area. There is also a small engine storage room.

5.2Power Plant


The unit can supply its own power through 3 Cummins diesel generators each developing 380 v, 200 kW, 50Hz, 3 phase and neutral transformed to 220 v for domestic use.

5.4Piping System

There are basically two piping system. Fresh water and sewage.

The fresh water comes directly from ashore into the piping system using the shore pressure. There is no holding tank. Fresh water is used for washing, cooking, fire fighting and toilet flushing.

All black and grey water lines go to a sewage tank within the hull from where it is pumped via a shore connection to a sewer main ashore.

5.5Shore Service Connections

All shore connections are at barge deck level.

Charter rate upon request.

Price; to charter

Inspection and delivery; Holland.

All details given in good faith, but WOG.

Charter possible world wide
Ref C4919

Regards Keith
UK office 0044(0)1342 459089
Mobile 0044(0) 7885775317
Skype yachtsglobal

Year: 2001
Vessel Location: Holland
Number of cabins: 553
Number of berths: 553
Telephone: 0044(0)1342 459089
Mobile: 0044(0) 7885775317
E-mail Seller: Click here

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